Law of Abundance

Law of Abundance

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In starting to reread book 17, Cosmic Alchemy, I was struck sideways about Freedom from Want.  Written in the section dealing with the elimination of poverty, it encourages us to keep producing things that any of us may want in our lives.  It does give warning about the accumulation of too many things, that then become a burden.  The care of those things may take too much of your time.  Things should afford each of us and society the enjoyment of more time and energy that can be devoted to soul progression.

Now I agree that the people of the world should have freedom from want.  But my definition would be more along the lines of Freedom from Need.  Instead of yearning for the next meal or worrying about the leaky roof or how to pay to fix the well,  I would pray that everyone could cover the expenses associated with these types of need.  Having experienced poverty, I would say that the accumulation of things became an obsession.

.  “You can’t always get what you want, sometimes you get what you need.”                            The Rolling Stones

Things would come to me that could be useful at some point but was not necessarily what I thought I wanted at the time.  I now have a house full of useful items that I can no longer locate.  they may be able to serve one someday, such as the crutches or knee brace.  These are very useful, but the fact is that if you were to break your knee and went to emergency room, these things would be sent home with you.  Someone that does not have health insurance or truly hates the thought of going to the doctor might need them.  If they do, would they know to contact me?  how do I know where the items are needed?

There were times I needed a new pair of shoes and would not have the extra money to get them.  It seemed the greater my need, the easier it was for the universe to provide.  A pair of shoes might make an appearance from my sister or friend.  When my kids were younger and lived at home, I had network of friends that frequently gave away children’s clothes to each other.  Sometimes I attempted to sell clothes at a yard sale, hoping to both get rid of the excess and to gain a little money.  Inevitably, I would give people great deals, for them to stuff a bag for a dollar.  The point was more to get rid of the massive pile.

Abundance has a way of filling true need.  gifts may appear after prayer, or perhaps desperation, induces great emotion in a person.  The need is usually well defined and specific.  The prayers are in earnest to the effect of “I am at my wit’s end and cannot see how the thing can be obtained in the present circumstance.”  But the item is thought upon regularly and once the fear of not being able to fulfill the need is let go, it seems the item or the method of obtaining the desired thing pops into being.

I have experienced this over and over in my life.  I have enjoyed abundance from the universe that seems to now fill all the spaces of my house and garage and junkyard to the side.   I do know that if I hold onto these items I might be denying the abilities of the law to provide.  These unwanted things need to be let go.  They will find new homes somewhere else.  If I don’t let go, the flow of abundance slows and may even stop for a while.

It seems to me that Jupiter is the ruler of the Law of Abundance.  Jupiter is a harmonious planet, masculine and positive.  CC Zain tells us in Book 2, Astrological Signatures, that “In human anatomy he rules the liver and arterial system of the body.  This gives an insight to his character, for as arterial blood distributes warmth and nourishment to the whole body, so Jupiter ever tends to generosity, warmth, and gentle expansion… In his influence over the mind, he rules that group of mental factors designated as the Religious Urges, embracing benevolence, good cheer, veneration, hope, reverence, and spirituality… He is cheerful, generous, benevolent, magnanimous, just, charitable, honest, and discriminative.”  Most of all is generosity.

Fear of not having what you need when you need it can cause one to hold on too tightly.  When fear causes me to act in this way, I notice that the flow ceases.  When fear paralyses the emotions, then the law cannot activate or manifest in life.  The tighter one holds on, the less room there is for something new to come into your life.  When you are most fearful, that is the time to open your heart and pockets and give to another.  By not creating a dam in the flow, you allow the universe to work as it should within the law.

To be an agent in the assistance of progressive evolution of creation, means to follow the law of abundance.  It does not require your judgement of others when they ask for your help.  The universe will decide if the gift you give is put to proper use.  If not, you may never know, but the person who asked for something that only fulfills a greed will have to deal with the repercussions.  The universe and Jupiter are quite judicious in their expression and compliance with its laws.

In my community, there is a method to be rid of unwanted but useful items.  We call it the free box or re-use center.  At the local transfer station, a building houses items no longer wanted, but that are still useful to others.  Anyone may leave unwanted but useful items. The cost is free to anyone who desires or needs any of the items.  If there is not a central place or volunteers to deal with the excess, there is always the curbside.  Put your unwanted items there with a sign that says “free”, and the things will be whisked away to join the stream of abundance flowing through the universe.

The more you give, the more you shall receive.  This is true of things and love.

by Yvonne

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